• Picture Packing List:
    FSM-11 13L Drone Granula Spreadying System: 1 set

    FSM-11 13L drone Granula spreadying system packing list:
    FWP-07 13L granular tank: 1pcs
    FSML-05 particle spreader: 1 set (black) (with particle sensor)
    ACL-04 aluminum alloy connector: 4pcs (for 18mm pipe)( 70 °)
    Aluminum alloy conversion connection: 1pcs

    NO.1 tie-in method:
    FSM-11 13L Drone Granula Spreadying System: 1 set

    Features of FWP-07 13L granular tank:
    1.2 Two battery fixing methods.
    2. 13L Granula tank made by PP material, which has stronger strengthth and prevents corrosion of insecticides and fertilizers.

    Features of FSML-05 particle spreader:

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