• Picture Packing List:
    D10 Propulsion System: 1 set

    NO.1 tie-in method:
    D10 Propulsion System: 1 Set (CW)(Red)

    It is an arm set series for agricultural drones with integrated motor, FOC ESC and propeller.

    1. If you have a quadcopter, you need to buy 4 sets. (2 sets CW 2 sets CCW)
    2. This D10 propulsion system is suitable for pipes with a diameter of 40mm.
    3. And it has green and red color, if you need to adjust the color to us well, you can leave us a color setting message.
    4. The weight is 1418g, providing 9kg for the rated load capacity of 9kg/motor.
    5. Weatherproof and designed to prevent corrosion, rain and salt spray.
    6. And the centrifugal cooling system will bring higher efficiency of cooling. Add reliability and allow you to continue running.
    7. The ESC has locked the rotor protection and will not unlock the motor if the motor detects a component problem.

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