• Picture Packing List:
    FSM-02 drone particle diffusion system: 1 set

    NO.1 tie-in method:
    FWP-07 13L granular tank: 1pcs
    ACL-04 φ 18 aluminum connector: 4pcs
    FSML-04 particle spreader: 1 set (black)

    1: 22L 30L water tank requires aluminum alloy conversion connection
    2: This device is a separate controller system, it connects to the receiver (remote controller) and is controlled by the remote controller, regardless of the flight controller.
    3: The input voltage of the fertilizer spreader is 22-25V. If the voltage of 48V is used, the DC module should be used to apply the voltage to 22-25V.
    4: The reverse polarity burns the board.
    5: Remote control is PWM mode, set 2 channels, different swiches.

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