• Picture Packing List:
    (Ready-to-Fly status)
    (Not including Li battery and Lipo battery charger)
    M1900 heavy load hexadone: 1 set

    NO.1 Detail List:
    (Ready-to-Fly status)
    (Not including Li battery and Lipo battery charger)
    M1900 Hexa Drone platform: 1 set
    36 inch folding propeller: 3 pairs (CW CCW)
    G10A drone ground control station: 1 set
    40kg_cm Drone Throw: 4 sets
    33X Optical Zoom Night Vision Camera: 1 set

    Precautions for product use
    -- Please comply with local regulations and do not fly in a no-fly zone.
    -Flights within 8km of the airport are prohibited.
    -It is forbidden to fly over people, houses and cars.
    -- Don't fly in rain, strong winds or fog.
    -- It is forbidden to fly over the venue.

    Troubleshooting guide
    Aircraft tilt badly on takeoff or turn over on takeoff.
    This means that it is usually caused by the installation or setup, and the following

    You can check the points:
    Rack settings X or check if correct
    Check whether the electrical adjustment number of the ESC is correct
    Is the motor spinning correctly
    Is the direction of the propeller correct, and the wind is blowing downward
    Is the accelerometer calibration correct?
    Is the ESC electric throttle synchronized

    The aircraft motor cannot take off or the unlocking motor cannot rotate:
    Check if the wind is blowing downward (the propeller installation is incorrect and the motor rotation is incorrect)
    Lack of power? Check whether the size of the propeller and the voltage of the battery match in the parameters of the motor
    The motor does not respond and continues to beep: the throttle stroke of the remote control is not calibrated

    The aircraft is controlled to fly forward, as in fact to the left, in fact to the right.
    The control channel of the remote control is inverted; adjust the corresponding channel of the remote control menu to reverse once

    Flight control can not detect remote control signal:
    If it is the first use:
    First, check if the receiver has successfully paired?
    Is the receiver output in the PPM or SBUS protocol? If not, please use PPM encoder

    If it used to be normal, but suddenly it stopped working:
    Is it possible that the receiver is malfunctioning or the flight control IO is malfunctioning?

    * Note: The manual is subject to change without notice.

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